Yoga for Climbing

Yoga improves your balance, focus, flexibility and mindset, all integral aspects of climbing movement. Taught by our talented instructors, our Yoga programs go hand in hand with our climbing programs. You’ll find that Yoga enriches your climbing and your life. Available in introductory and advanced sessions.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is the grand-ancestor of all the flow styles of yoga, and it’s the most strength-based of all of the classical yogas. Every week, we will be practicing the Ashtanga primary series.

Power Slow Flow Yoga

In this class, we seek to find intelligence that connects one moment, one breath, one action to the next. Through this Vinyasa a climber can cultivate a meditative state in a relaxed setting away from the rock, develop a continuity of awareness of breath and become familiar with how it feels to be focused, confident, and fluid from one movement to the next. With this practice, we can learn these subtle insights that can be carried over into our climbing and our lives.


    Our Climbing School series takes you through all levels of your climbing experience. To reach the top, join us for some crucial training and instruction.


    This clinic provides a foundation of techniques that every climber needs. In this 60 minute clinic you will learn the principles of movement that can be employed throughout your climbing career. Learn the basic principles of climbing successfully & efficiently with our head instructor - free for members!

    This course is only available for Hoosier Heights members.

    CLIMBING 101

    Climbing 101 is designed for intermediate climbers; forms new techniques and addresses potentially negative habits that could be inhibiting growth.

    This course helps you achieve goals in boulders or rope skills. go for four consecutive weeks. Maximum of 8 participants. $45 Per Person


    The lead climbing course teaches the fundamentals of knots, clipping and belaying for sport climbing. Classes are scheduled with the instructor and are 3-4 hours long. Minimum of 2 participants with a maximum of 4.


    • Efficient climbing techniques
    • Proper clipping techniques
    • Knot and equipment usage
    • Proper falling technique
    • Effective lead belaying technique
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