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Head Coach:
Jessi Haynes

Jessi is the Head Coach of Team Hoosier Heights. Jessi holds a Master's degree in Foreign Policy from American University in Washington, DC and a Bachelor's degree in Chinese & Political Science from Indiana University. She spent several years in the corporate world before leaving to pursue her dream job, coaching rock climbing, in 2015. Jessi believes in following your heart and intuition in everything that you do and wants her impact on Team Hoosier Heights to be more than making strong climbers - she wants to help instill confidence, independence and positive decision-making abilities in all our climbers so they can pursue whatever brings them true joy and fulfillment in life. She believes youth athletes have a greater capacity for independent thought and understanding than they are often given credit for and approaches her coaching from that perspective.


Elite Team:
Thierry Masquelin

Thierry is the French Dragon of Team Hoosier Heights and is the Elite Team coach. Thierry holds a PhD in medicinal chemistry and chemical engineering. He currently works for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies as a project leader in oncology. He is passionate about many extreme sports, including windsurfing, kitesurfing, skydiving, skiing, and obstacles races such as American Ninja Warrior. He has been climbing since 1990, and has been coaching since 2000. At 52 years old, Thierry is dedicated and passionate about climbing and the climbing community. He has been married to his wife for 24 years, with whom he has two children. As a coach and leader, Thierry wants to show our climbers that you can achieve whatever you set out to achieve.

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Jake Krebs

Jake is a Data Engineer for Milliman, Inc. by day and an assistant coach of the Advanced Team at Hoosier Heights Indy by night. He started climbing in 2014 and has been hooked ever since. His goal is to help each athlete on team to grow into a focused, well-rounded lifetime climber.

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Advanced TEAM:
Michaela Cloud

Michaela is an assistant coach for the Advanced Team at Hoosier Heights. Her passion for climbing began at Ball State University where she studied public relations and communication. Michaela became hooked instantly and has since strived to share the sport and outdoors with anyone and everyone! Today, she works as an e-commerce and marketing specialist and does freelance web design on the side. Michaela aspires to show the team that perseverance and passion is not just a climbing lesson--it's a life lesson!


Advanced TEAM:
Nick Kane


Nick is an assistant coach for the Advanced Team at Hoosier Heights. He has spent the past several years traveling and training for climbing full-time outdoors, including extensive time sport climbing, trad climbing and bouldering at every angle on limestone, granite, and sandstone. The Red River Gorge is Nick’s second home. He has spent the majority of his outdoor climbing career completing 550 different routes up to 5.13a. He has mastered the art of resting to the top of sustained and tiring routes. Nick is characterized by his ever present smile and excitement. He places a high value on training as a mode to improve rock climbing ability. 


Gabby Zoccola

Gabby has been climbing for six years and competing for five for Team Hoosier Heights. She's currently an assistant coach of the Intermediate Team and an adult competitor with USA Climbing. She enjoys coaching and loves to see the kids improve their climbing abilities. Gabby is in college at IU Kokomo and is studying athletic training and coaching to hopefully pursue a long-term career coaching climbing. She loves a challenge and is always up for helping climbers with beta or technique. She looks forward to her years ahead competing and coaching! 

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Intermediate Team: 
Sean Buehler

Born and raised a Hoosier, Sean is currently applying to medical school after graduating from Indiana University in May. He started climbing in 2013, and has been lucky enough to climb all over the United States and South America. He's excited to share his passion for climbing with the Intermediate Team, and is particularly stoked to help team members become not only better climbers, but better people overall.

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Eliza Gregoire

A former member of the Elite Team, Eliza is a coach for the Rec. Team here at Hoosier Heights. She is 16 years old and is a senior at Zionsville Community High School. Eliza still climbs, competes, and enjoys teaching others what she has learned. She has an extensive climbing background, including sport and bouldering nationals, sport climbing in France, and deep water soloing in Mallorca, Spain. Outside of the gym she likes to race bicycles, play drums or guitar, and ride motorcycles. 

Kevin Keene

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Rachel is one of the Rec. Team coaches here at Hoosier Heights. When she isn´t coaching, she also works as the Events and Parties Coordinator, as well as at the front desk selling the other team kids their precious Kit-Kat and Clif bars. Rachel has been coaching since the inception of Rec. Team. Her favorite part about Team is helping kids improve and move up to intermediate team - although the flip side of that coin is her least favorite thing - losing her kids to Intermediate Team. 


Kevin's climbing career sparked on Valentines Day in 2016 when he came into Hoosier Heights on a first date!  Sadly he was so bad at climbing that he never got a second.  Eager to ignite that passion for climbing, Kevin started washing holds on the side, learning from the best and climbing as hard as he could.  Today you can find him practically living at the gym!  He has played all kinds of sports in his life; baseball, volleyball, bowling, snowboarding and ultimate.  Track and Field is what got him into coaching though. He ran track at UIndy where he graduated with a degree in Communication and CIS then stuck around as a graduate assistant for a few years.  He is now an assistant manager for the gym and assistant coach for the rock stars of the Rec. team!