Who Can Climb?

Anybody who can use our equipment (not too large or small for our harnesses, not too light or heavy to be belayed) and is physically able is welcome to top rope climb. As bouldering does not require a rope, anybody can boulder as long as they feel comfortable landing on the pads.  Belayers must be 15 years of age or older. All climbers and belayers must be approved by Hoosier Heights staff.

All rope climbing (top rope, lead) requires a harness for the climber and belayer, as well as a locking carabiner to attach the belay device to the belayer’s harness. These items are available to rent free of charge, or for purchase in our pro shop. Climbing shoes are optional for all climbing, but highly recommended. Since they have a tight fit and are soled with sticky rubber, they are ideal for climbing. Shoes can be purchased from our pro shop or rented for a small fee. Climbing involves lots of movement and strenuous activity, so comfortable clothing is recommended.


Download A Printable Waiver

Please fill out a waiver for each participant.

  • BOULDERING “problems,” that are just waiting for you to find a solution. Boulder problems are shorter climbs that do not require a rope or partner. Due to the powerful and precise movements required, this style of climbing is an excellent way to improve your strength and technique. 

  • TOP ROPE CLIMBING requires a team of two: climber and belayer. The belayer stays on the ground and protects the climber using a belay device to manage the rope, which runs through an anchor at the top of the wall, while the climber progresses upward. The routes to the top of the wall require stamina and the desire to reach great heights, but don’t let this intimidate you. Your belayer has been thoroughly trained by our staff and knows how to keep you safe.
  • LEAD CLIMBING is the most advanced type of climbing offered at Hoosier Heights. As the climber moves upward along the route, they will clip the rope directly into “quickdraws,” which will arrest a potential fall. Due to the added difficulty level, lead climbing requires more complex belaying techniques as well as a climber with special training in rope management, clipping, and other skills. Hoosier Heights offers lead climbing classes on a regular basis for climbers ready to take on the challenge.

We Feature

Top Rope Climbing

Over 40 top rope lines
Routes changed regularly
Walls as tall as 45 feet
Several “Auto-Belay” systems for belayer-free climbing
Belay lessons available for any capable individual over the age of 15


Four different bouldering areas
Walls range from 12-16 feet in height
Bouldering problems are changed regularly
Fantastic for all levels

Lead Climbing

Huge variety of angles and features
Our extensive “lead cave” ranges from vertical to severely overhanging
Courses in lead climbing and lead belaying are regularly available to members and non-members

Fitness Area

Spin bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, kettlebells,
training boards, weight bench, campus board, and a treadwall

Multiple fitness classes available (free for members) including yoga.

Gear Shop

Climbing equipment, apparel, books, and snacks
Featured brands include Evolv, Petzl, Black Diamond, Metolius, B.A.Gear
Energizing snacks and drinks to refresh your body and mind
10% discount for Hoosier Heights members

Ready to Climb?